Best Makeup Vanity – Buyer’s Guide

best makeup vanityBest makeup vanity will help with art of applying makeup perfectly.

Don’t forget, that  your makeup vanity is a reflection of your personal style and it can be just as over-the-top and luxe as you are. 

First of all choose a makeup vanity, then choose lighting for makeup vanity, and at the end of this material you find something, you really need to add to your makeup vanity set.

Best Vanity for Makeup of 2018

Best Makeup Vanity BrandDimensions (LxWxH), inchesSupplyColorCheck Price
Bobkona Makeup Vanity Set with Stool (St. Croix Collection) (Editor's Choice)43x19x543-folding Mirror, 5 Drawers, 1 StoolWhite, Black, Cherry, Silver, Walnut Check Price
Songmics Makeup Vanity Table Set with 3 Folding Necklace Hooked Mirror (Editor's Choice)42x18x603-folding Necklace Hooked Mirror, 7 Drawers, Cushioned StoolWhite, Brown Check Price
Songmics Makeup Vanity Table Set with Round Mirror31x16x511 Round Mirror, 2 Large Sliding Drawers, Cushioned StoolWhite Check Price
Crown Mark Iris Makeup Vanity Table with Stool 28x16x501 Mirror, 1 Drawer, 1 Beige SeatWhite, Espresso Check Price
Songmics Makeup Vanity Set with Flip Top Mirror35x15x301 Mirror, 2 Drawers, 1 Cushioned StoolWhite, Black Check Price

Lighting for Makeup Vanity of 2018

Best Makeup Vanity LightingQuantity, VoltageColorLenghtExtraCheck Price
Chende Hollywood Style LED Makeup Vanity Mirror Lights Kit (Editor's Choice)10 LED light bulbs (12V)4000K (daylight glow - rec. by professional makeup artist)11.5 ftSmart touch dimmer to adjust the brightness Check Price
Chende Hollywood Style Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights(Editor's Choice)14 Dimmable LED bulbs (110V)4000KMirror size: 24x19Front on/off rotary dimmer switch Check Price
ViLSOM LED Makeup Vanity Mirror Lights Strip Kit240 PCS (12V)6000K (daylight white)13.1 ftDimmer to adjust the brightness Check Price

1. Bobkona Set with Stool St. Croix Collection – Sturdy Makeup Vanity with 5 Drawers

Bobkona Makeup Vanity Set with Stool (St. Croix Collection)

The first thing that I want to talk about is this stool, it’s  super easy to put together , because all you have to do is screw in the legs.

I want to talk about the drawers of the vanity and there is five drawers altogether and whenever you open the drawers it opens up very smoothly. It comes with handles which I’m not a fan of, so I’m definitely going to be changing these out. All you have to do is unscrew them and screw the new ones in so that will be super easy to do

In this video Krista Brusso from youtube review old-fashioned makeup vanity “Bobkona”.

As for the legs: when the vanity come in, all you have to do is put on the legs and just put in the drawers, then you have to install the mirror too, which was super easy you guys like this might have took ten minutes to put all together.

If you do get the white color like I did I would definitely go out and buy a glass top for the top of this vanity, because it does get very dirty quickly and it chips quickly.

The mirrors, they do both clothes on these sides and then you can open them but I just keep mine open.

My husband built in some LED lights right here, the lights when you turn them on I think it’s pretty cool looking you can never have too many lights around your vanity.

I did a lot of research on vanities and I’m a very frugal person and this met all my needs especially for the price point you get a really good deal.

I like that you can add LED lighting to it which is super cheap and you can just add like the lights that I did and you can make this vanity just look really beautiful.

You can add your own chair, you can change the handle, I just love all the options that can come with this vanity.

This unit comes in several colors – Black, White, Silver, Cherry and Walnut. It’s a 19x54x43” and weights a solid 84 pounds. Assembly is required and of average scale.

Performance and Technical Issues
This is still not up to handling heavy professional demands. The drawer space is limited.

The three-piece mirror is actually more of a design statement than functional. The two side mirrors are too small to be that useful in most cases.

The legs are thin, which means it needs extra caution when moving it. Speaking of moving it, this thing is very heavy as well.

Is it Recommended?
This one is ideal for the type of demand an internet video maker would have, most likely. It’s small enough to fit into space where they otherwise may not have such a piece of furniture. It’s solid and looks good in its surroundings, which also makes it less obtrusive to those who wouldn’t otherwise own them.

It’s also a decent little desk, which means it can share the space of a less frequently-used desk easily enough.

This wasn’t engineered with internet video people in mind, but it just so happens to be most likely fit for them. It’s interesting how new social phenomena like internet video bring about side demands like this.

  • Ideal for the moderate but intricate needs of internet video personalities.
  • Available in a color almost guaranteed to match a given environment or taste.
  • Solid, attractive design.
  • Comfortable, round stool.
  • It’s very heavy.
  • Thin legs mean moving it needs care.

FAQ About this Product
Q: Is adding glass to this feasible?
A: The manufacturer does not offer glass tops for this unit. However, the measurements are very standard, making it very easy and affordable to get glass cut for this purpose.

Q: Are more colors on the way?
A: For now, the manufacturer has announced no additional colors pending for this unit, no. It is possible to sand it and repaint it of course. Do this before assembly if you plan to do it.

Q: Do I really need one of these if I do internet video?
A: If you appear on camera and want to be seen as more than “guy with a camera”, you do need cinematic makeup and good lighting. This is the right medium to match these needs.

Q: Is this hard to put together?
A: This is the most standard sort of assembly you can encounter with this type of furniture. Expect 15 minutes or less for most assembly.

Q: Is this cloth more fragile than others?
A: This cloth is more susceptible to stains and dirt than some others. Its vulnerability to pets is the same.

2. Songmics Table Set with 3 Folding Necklace Hooked Mirror – Makeup Vanity Set for Bedroom

Songmics Makeup Vanity Table Set with 3 Folding Necklace Hooked Mirror

Sometimes a bigger piece of furniture to serve both roles is more appropriate. Those with more than just a single room or small apartment usually have the room for something more like this vanity table set.

Rather than be a transforming unit, it simply forsakes some of the compartmentalized engineering for makeup storage, and basically takes the form of a small desk with more drawers. And that’s really what this is.

This is intended to be more of a general piece of bed room furniture, and therefore excels in no aspect especially, while handling them all well enough.

This is a heftier two-piece set weighing 73.7 pounds. It’s a 42.5×18.5×59.6” table with no particularly complex assembly, but a lot of basic assembly.

Performance and Technical Issues
This is not recommended for those with extensive makeup needs, as it’s a general dressing table/small desk. The desk space isn’t tiny nor temporary, but not ideal for any large things of permanence like laptops or devices.

The brown finish matches fewer environments than a neutral solid color such as black or grey.

This is a large, heavy unit which does need a decent volume of space in the room and isn’t fun to move.

Again, the cloth top of the stool is vulnerable to damage by pets.The legs of the table and stool both, while sturdy, are thin.

Is it Recommended?
This is very much an average solution for general people. Not being terribly dedicated to makeup any more than jewelry or anything else, this is even useful for those with no real use for a makeup table.

This type of design also works fine as just a small bed room desk and station for daily things like cologne and so on as well.

The classic design suits most homes aside from ultra modern tastes. Unfortunately, the dark brown finish isn’t as much of a chameleon as black. It shows dust less rapidly, though. Those who need something to fit these general needs would probably find this a good choice. It’s expensive, but it should also live quite a long time too.

  • May excel at no purpose, but usually suits most for average users.
  • Solid construction overall. Lots of drawers space and decent desk space.
  • Brown finish is less neutral than black or white.
  • Cloth on stool is susceptible to pet damage.

FAQ About this Product
Q: How much weight can the stool support?
A: Up to 330lbs, though balance is another story altogether.

Q: What type of brown finish is this?
A: It’s a brown cherry finish. Of the shades like this, it matches the most environments.

Q: Are the drawers deep enough for things like hair dryers?
A: They’re pretty deep, but probably not quite deep enough for that, unfortunately.

3. Songmics – Modern Makeup Vanity with Round Mirror for Internet Entertainers

Songmics Makeup Vanity Table Set with Round Mirror

Sometimes, you may just need something simple and functional. This is the case for young people, from the age they may start using makeup, on into their college years.

A simple small desk with a good set of drawers and a prominent mirror is sometimes all you need to get the job done. There are a good many models that match this description, but this one has its unique aspects.

This is a simple unit, essentially a desk/table with a mirror. This is more geared toward a very casual set of users.

This modern vanity table weighs only 33.3 pounds, and is a compact 31.2×15.8×51.4” design. Assembly is required, though it’s comparatively minimal.

Performance and Technical Issues
This one isn’t for people with extensive makeup concerns. Professionals may find it insufficient as a desk or as a vanity.

Some may not enjoy the modern design, which often doesn’t fit more mature decor.
White shows a lot of dirt, dust and scuffs not unlike black. White can also yellow if smoked around or overly-exposed to UV. Modern whites are more resistant to the latter than once was the case, but it can still happen.

The cloth on the stool is once again, susceptible to damage via cat.

Is it Recommended?
This is not really recommended for the more mature demographic or the high-demand professional. However, young people would find this a perfect fit as their demands match its design. The modern aesthetic of it also matches most younger tastes in furniture as well.

This is a light weight, easy-to-move unit, meaning as a young person moves to college, they can easily take it with them too.

It takes up minimal room and is fine for a small desk as well, meaning if it becomes obsolete as its owner gets older, it can find a second purpose as a table or desk.

  • Compact and generalized design makes it great for students.
  • Stool is very comfortable.
  • Is comfortable as a small desk.
  • Incredibly affordable.
  • Modern design won’t suit more mature tastes.
  • Minimal engineering means it’s less suited to the demands of professionals.
  • White finish shows dirt, damage and can yellow.
  • Cloth on stool is vulnerable to pet damage.

FAQ About this Product
Q: Does it come in any other colors?
A: Unfortunately, white is the only color available for this unit. This is a shame, as the white finish is one of the potential downsides.

Q: Could it be sanded down for a repaint?
A: There’s no reason this couldn’t be done, though it’d be good to have this planned out ahead of time. Repainting this would be best done before assembly.

Q: How tall is the mirror itself?
A: The mirror is 19 5/8” in height, which is on top of the 51” height of the table itself.

4. Crown Mark Iris with Stool – Makeup Vanity for Small Room

Crown Mark Iris Makeup Vanity Table with Stool

Sometimes even a relatively compact vanity is too much for the space available. Urban apartments are tiny, and those just starting out find themselves in equally tiny living spaces. A smaller, simple vanity table is really needed in these spaces.

This Crown Mark unit is a good example of this more compact design. It’s tiny, compared to the others on this list. Despite this, it has a decent amount of table top space, but only one drawer.

This doesn’t spare the added space of a makeup storage box or small set of shelves the educed drawer count needs.
The diminutive mirror is actually pretty clear and useful. This can double as a small desk or even a night stand in exceptionally limited space.

This is on the lower cost end of these vanities as well, which matches well with the tight spaces inhabited by many on budgets.

This tiny unit weighs a paltry 35.4 pounds and is a small 16x28x50” in volume. It requires some assembly, but it’s remarkably simple.

Performance and Technical Issues
This is a tiny unit, suited for those who have only the simplest makeup needs, or those in tight spaces. Anyone who spends considerable amount on makeup would probably find this to be little more than a makeshift table.

The espresso finish is close to black, and shows scratches and dust easily. As usual, the cloth on the stool could be damaged by pets easily.

The limited drawer space means that even light makeup users will probably need another unit to store their makeup. It may be a basket on the floor, or a decent tote they store in a corner, but it’s still volume not being alleviated by this compact design.

The small mirror is generally alright, but may be insufficient for those who have to work harder to style their hair. It also means a larger mirror is needed somewhere, due to its small viewport.

Is it Recommended?
This is really probably the most fit for those who have the most basic cosmetic needs, and live in smaller spaces. Its generic but attractive design makes it fit right in doing triple overtime as a table, a desk and a night stand.

It’s probably top not to rely on it as a heavy work station desk, however, as sitting a proper chair at it may be a tight fit and a bit uncomfortable.

This is almost certainly not a recommendation for professionals or more mature people. But, for those starting out, who have a tiny space to work with, this should do fine, and match their budget quite nicely.

This one is especially a caution when it comes to cats, as it’s the perfect shape and height to be a typical “cat magnet”. That said, young people, whom modernly tend to have cats, should remember to make it clear that this is a no fly zone for kitty.

  • Light weight.
  • Very affordable.
  • Compact and simple, ideal for limited space.
  • Attractive, neutral design blends with most environments.
  • Design fits well in small corners.
  • Too tiny for its own good, means additional mirror and storage probably needed.
  • Espresso finish shows dust and damage as readily as black.
  • Too small and simplistic for the needs of a lot of people.
  • Cloth on stool is vulnerable to pet damage.
  • Use as a desk could be uncomfortable.
  • Very small mirror.

FAQ About this Product
Q: If I’m short, will this be too tall for me?
A: Not likely. Small children can use this with no problems.

Q: Can replacement mirrors be purchased?
A: The manufacturer does sell them, through online furniture stores.

Q: Could I easily light this with LEDs?
A: Yes, this should be pretty easy to light that way.

5. Songmics – Makeup Vanity with Flip Top Mirror

Songmics Makeup Vanity Set with Flip Top Mirror

Space can be at a premium when it comes to furniture. This is an increasing problem, with a lot of people living with less and less space. Professionals who need access to a proper dressing table may not have the room to devote to it.

This is a pretty obvious but well-engineered answer to this problem. This is all-in-one design applied to furniture. It can also serve as a desk or table.

This unit is 35.4×15.5×29.9” and weighs about 42 pounds. It consists of two items, the table and the stool. There is significant assembly involved in this unit.

Performance and Technical Issues
The idea of morphable furniture isn’t brand new and has rarely caught on long-term. The concept isn’t fundamentally flawed but has its hurdles. The real issue is that the makeup vanity configuration basically folds away when not in use, to create a flat table top.

This means that really none of the desk or table top real estate can be anything but temporary, especially if the dressing table is often needed.

The cloth material on the top of the stool, while comfortable and attractive, is susceptible to more damage than the woodwork. Owners of pets know that cloth on furniture often has a short life span. Beware of cats especially.
The black finish shows dust easily.

Is it Recommended?
The idea of merging these two into the same unit isn’t a doomed concept. If the desk role doesn’t require much in the way of permanent fixtures, this might actually be ideal.

The craftsmanship and engineering of this vanity is quite good. Various trays nest neatly inside the compartment under the mirror. The arm and latch on the mirror is of superb construction.

The black/dark brown, while susceptible to dust, is neutral and blends well in most environments. This along with the modern design of the overall thing means it fits in just about anywhere. The stool is comfortable, though the height can be awkward for some people.

  • Two-mode setup saves space.
  • Cloth top of stool is comfortable.
  • Design is attractive and neutral.
  • Very good engineering.
  • Professional quality.
  • Desktop surface is largely temporary.
  • Black finish shows dust easily.
  • Cloth top of stool is more fragile than the rest, especially around pets.

FAQ About this Product
Q: How much assembly is involved in this?
A: This actually has some extensive assembly compared to other furniture. It’s not difficult though, and the instructions are very easy to follow. It may take 20 minutes to put it together, it may take less.

Q: Is the stool a separately shipped item?
A: No, the entire thing is packaged as a single unit.

Q: Is this safe around kids?
A: If the kid knows how to open the mirror top, they could get into it. If you have kids likely to do that, weigh the panel down with something decorative when not in use. It may be inconvenient but, worth the effort.

6. Chende Hollywood Style LED – Light Bulbs for Makeup Vanity

Chende Hollywood Style LED Makeup Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

Sometimes you simply don’t have room for that added pie of furniture. Perhaps you travel in style via RV, or perhaps you simply love your antique furniture suites. You don’t want to replace any of it, clash with any of it or simply haven’t room for additions.

This LED-lit wall-hanging vanity mirror is designed to fit anywhere it can get power. Being a wall hanging ‘decoration’, it takes up only two-dimensional space on said walls, making it easy to fit this thing just about anywhere.

This mirror weighs a minuscule 1.15 pounds, and the only assembly required is installing the lights – a feat no more difficult than installing bulbs in any other light. It comes with 10 bulbs.

Performance and Technical Issues
This is obviously a minimalist design for those who already have a proper dressing table or don’t need one – it provides no surfaces or storage of any kind.

The LED bulbs provide a bright soft light, but the Hollywood style bulbous design of them is archaic, unnecessary and results in them protruding into 3D space more than they should. It’s not a good idea to mount this in narrower spaces as a result.

Touch switches aren’t the most reliable or practical things and they honestly never will be.

Is it Recommended?
This is probably ideal for people in exceptionally small living quarters who just don’t have room for a dedicated dressing table, or whom don’t need one.

If you just need even light to do your hair or basic makeup, you’ll probably appreciate this mirror.

It’s not recommended for tight spaces due to the Hollywood lights protruding from the surface, and the touch switch may be vulnerable to pets or insects landing on it and setting it off.

It’s recommended when the absolute bare bones are needed.

  • Takes up almost no space.
  • Light is soft and bright and power efficient.
  • Very light weight.
  • Neutral appearance fits in with most environments.
  • Touch switches really don’t belong on home appliances, as they’re impractical, unreliable and not intuitive.
  • Hollywood-style lights look silly and protrude too much.

FAQ About this Product
Q: Can I replace the bulbs if they die out?
A: It may be possible to contact the company in order to purchase replacements, or to retrofit standard LED elements as the technology used in this is mostly standard. However, you’re unlikely to need to deal with this as these LEDs are tremendously long-lasting.

Q: Can you connect two or more of these in series?
A: No, this isn’t a standard lighting kit intended for that sort of thing. They can only be done in independent parallel, and you really shouldn’t need many of them.

Q: How do I dim the lights? This thing is way too bright for my needs.
A: This is where touch technology is actually intrusive, rather than helpful. You need to touch and hold the power switch for the light to start dimming. Doing so again should cause it to brighten.

7. Chende Hollywood Style – Lighted Makeup Mirror

Chende Hollywood Style Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

Maybe you’ve already got a desk or table that you like just fine for a dressing table. Unfortunately, these usually lack mirrors, meaning you probably have to use some awkwardly-mounted wall mirror at the height of the desk. Or worse, perhaps you’re stuck using a way-too-small little portable or tabletop mirror.

This tabletop mirror solution is designed to allow you to easily convert and decent-sized table or desk into a proper dressing table easily.

While not devoid of some of the problems of the previous entry, this is worth taking a look at.

This mirror has a little bit more assembly, for the stand to be attached along with the bulbs. It comes with 14 soft, bright LED bulbs. It weighs nearly 34 pounds, making it heavy.

Performance and Technical Issues
This item is designed to be practical, meaning it’s not particularly beautified. It’ll look tacky in otherwise stately-decorated rooms, making it really only ideal for personal space.

The white finish means there are limited other finishes this item will match well with, compounding the previous issue significantly. White also shows dust, dirt and scuffing more easily than wood finishes.

Twist switches, while a step up from touch switches, still have some problems. They really don’t provide an innate sense of precise value being set. This results in a user having to mess with it a few seconds longer than other types of switches. This may be a small issue for the most part, but wear and tear is increased by this extra fiddling.

Unlike the previous item, this one is very heavy for what it is.

Is it Recommended?
Those with severely limited space, who just want to mount a mirror or use an existing table or desk would find this probably the top solution. While more expensive than the previous item by a good measure, its ability to be set up on a table or mounted just makes it more versatile.

The twist switch is an improvement over touch and hold gestures as well. It’s ironic, there was a time when that “new fangled” touch stuff would’ve been the more expensive item, where reliable controls are valued more than wow factor now.

The base is solid, meaning it should hold sturdy. If you rather put it on a wall, it also includes screws which make mounting this pretty easy. Of course, remember, this needs a wall outlet which does limit its ability to be placed to a small degree.

  • Versatile, able to make any table or dresser into a vanity.
  • Being hangable means it can be used to convert even tables too small for it to stand on.
  • Mirror is big.
  • White finish clashes, and shows dirt and dust/

FAQ About this Product
Q: Can this be painted?
A: Technically anything can, but it’s an undertaking that requires you to know what you’re doing. This is not wood furniture. This unit also comes in black, but if you want any of the other 16 million colors, good luck.

Q: Does it come with a screw?
A: Yes it does.

Q: Can this be straight wired?
A: It can, but you better know what you’re doing.

8. ViLSOM LED Lights Strip Kit – Makeup Vanity Lighting Kit

ViLSOM LED Makeup Vanity Mirror Lights Strip Kit

You might want a cheaper tabletop conversion. This folding mirror kit is probably a decent solution for this.
The interesting thing about this mirror is that while it’s the cheapest of these, it also has some of the most sound design, price-quality ratio aside.

Sporting an old-fashioned folding mirror design, this one drifts away from the Hollywood dressing room style of the other two as well, which may appeal to wider tastes.

This mirror weighs a negligible 7.4 ounces – not even a pound. It has minimal assembly, and plugs directly into the wall.

Performance and Technical Issues
These folding mirrors aren’t actually additionally useful over just a wide single mirror. At one time, these side mirrors were needed for the complex hair styling done by everyone in times past. In modernity, this is kind of obsolete in most cases.

The narrower base means this thing can be a bit wobbly compared to the sturdier unit mentioned previously. This isn’t as big of an issue as one might think, but still something to be aware of.

The potential wobbliness means this is probably unideal for areas where small children or rambunctious pets are common sights. It could be knocked over by either, resulting in minor injury and significant damage to the mirror itself.

Again, the white finish, while less prominent in this design, has its drawbacks. It shows dirt and dust, and white furniture is often considered “cheap” looking contemporarily. It’s hard to match it compared to more neutral finishes as well.

Is it Recommended?
If we’re all being honest with ourselves, this is probably the most practical solution for every day people who just want to use a table or desk. It’s affordable, it’s practical and weighs almost nothing. If you just need good light and a good mirror, this should be just fine.

However, you do get what you pay for and this thing’s light weight comes at the cost of solidity to the design. However, as said earlier, this thing has some of the best design with the LEDs themselves and the controls.

LED strips are just better looking and more efficient than the Hollywood-style bulbs of the other units. They provide more even light, they’re not in the way and are easier to replace if they go bad.

The standard wheel control to dim and turn the lights on and off is solid and something people have used since the 1960s. They also tend to live forever.

  • Very affordable.
  • Very light weight and portable.
  • Controls are practical.
  • Lighting is practical.
  • Less solid base.
  • Not entirely safe around children or pets.

FAQ About this Product
Q: How do the lights attach?
A: Via 3M adhesive strips.

Q: The switch doesn’t work, is my unit broken?
A: Probably not. After you install the light strip, be sure to double check the connections as they can loosen during this process.

Best Makeup Vanity – Buyer’s Guide

Like a lot of furniture, there’s quite a bit more to choosing a vanity than you’d probably expect. The new demographics in need of them also means various designs find new purposes as well. You need to consider the scope of your cosmetic needs. Sometimes the biggest, most overdone one is not as suited to this as one might think.

If not specializing, you need to consider the amount of space you have to work with, and the age of the user. Students need simpler things that may provide more table surface, while mature average users might want something more traditional for their makeup and jewelry.

Another thing to consider is pets. Most vanity stools tend to be cloth. Some are a synth leather. Both are susceptible to animals wreaking havoc. Cloth is especially vulnerable to cat claws.

While this shouldn’t deter the purchase, it does mean one needs to choose one with a stool they think they can protect comfortably. Always remember, furniture has to move if you do, or if the carpet needs cleaned. How much weight are you willing to move?

Some people will always wear makeup and accessories. While the social “norms” for this change like the tides, they never vanish. Professional needs, increased with the internet video revolution, have brought an increased demand to the market for furniture like this.

It’s hard to tell if this new demand will trigger a wave of new designs in vanities or not. Only time will tell.

 You can add this to your makeup vanity : 

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