Best Clothes Drying Rack – Buyer’s Guide

best clothes drying rackClothes drying racks are a substitute for clotheslines for apartment dwellers, but there are other benefits that make clothes drying racks a good investment for everyone.

The benefits include preserving your clothes and  saving money . However, a clothes drying rack that is not used does not provide any benefits.

In this clothes drying rack review, we have explained the benefits, recommended six racks, and created a buyer’s guide to help you choose a clothes drying rack that is best suited for how you want to use it. You can start the quiz to deal with it! Press the “Start” button! 

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Best Clothes Drying Rack of 2018

Best Clothes Drying Rack BrandDimensions opened (LxWxH), inchesMaterialDetailsCheck Price
CRESNEL Clothes Drying Rack(Editor's Choice)58x24x40Stainless SteelRust proof, indoor and outdoor use. Bottom rack will accommodate shoes and slippers. Check Price
Aero-W Folding Clothes Rack(Editor's Choice)34x8x24Stainless SteelFor small spaces. Can hang discreetly from your wall or door. Ergonomic design Check Price
AmazonBasics Foldable Drying Rack14x29x42Stainless SteelWaterproof, epoxy coating, stain and mildew resistant. Check Price
Household Essentials Tall Indoor Folding Wooden Clothes Drying Rack14x28x41BambooCollapsible, good for baby clothes, sweaters, linens, guest clothes. Not rusted or stained your clothing over time (against stainless steel). Check Price
Household Essentials Collapsible Portable Indoor Tripod Clothes Drying Rack for Hanging Laundry26x26x65Painted SteelGood for wrinkle-free air drying. You can travel with it. Good for beach vacation. Check Price
Badoogi Foldable Storage Drying Rack25x35x58Stainless Steel8 rotating wheels,72 clips to hang socks,2 side wings to hang garments on hangers, bars to dry shoe Check Price

1. CRESNEL – Outdoor Clothes Drying Rack

outdoor clothes drying rack

The CRESNEL Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack is made from stainless steel and is rustproof. Two top pieces fold out creating a large 58″ x 24″ shelf for drying items flat.

This shelf area has 14 bars that you can hang things over or use for items on hangers. The shelves can be adjusted to five different positions.

There is a second lower shelf for drying more items flat plus clips for shoes. The Cresnel Clothes Drying Rack measures 24″ wide, 40″ tall, and 36.75 from leg to leg at the base when fully unfolded.

It folds to 40″x24″x3″ and weighs 7 pounds. The CRESNEL Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack is recommended because it is made of rustproof stainless steel, and it has a large area for drying items flat.

This clothes drying rack has a large capacity, but it is especially good for those who have a lot of items that need to be dried flat. The biggest issue is the space it occupies when it is completely unfolded.

  • The Cresnel clothes drying rack has a large 58″ x 24″ shelf for drying items flat.
  • It has a second lower shelf and a total of 14 bars to use for hanging.
  • It is stainless steel and rustproof.
  • Some issues with rust have been reported.

2. Aero-W Folding – Wall Mounted Drying Rack For Small Spaces

wall mounted drying rack for small spaces

The Aero-W Stainless Steel Folding Clothes Drying Rack is an accordion-folding, wall-mounted clothes drying rack. With  eight 31″ rods , it offers 22′ of drying space for up to 60 pounds of wet clothes.

Although it is not portable, this wall mounted option allows you to eliminate occupying floor space with a clothes drying rack. You could mount it on a wall over the washer, the dryer, or the bathtub.

It is 35″ wide x 24″ deep x 9″ tall when extended, 35″ wide x 6″ deep x 9″ tall when retracted, and weighs 7.5 pounds. It does not offer any space for drying items flat.

  • Since it is wall-mounted, it is a space saver.
  • It provides 22′ of drying space for up to 60 pounds of wet clothes.
  • It is not portable.
  • Some had trouble mounting it on the wall.

3. AmazonBasics Foldable – Small Indoor Clothes Drying Rack

indoor clothes drying rack

The AmazonBasics Foldable Drying Rack is made from lightweight steel that is either coated with epoxy or a chrome surface. It is lightweight, durable, and will not rust, stain, or mildew. The four rods across the top create a shelf for drying some items flat.

The  seven rods  below the shelf can be used for hanging various items. This AmazonBasics Drying Rack measures 14.5″ long x 29.5″ wide x 41.75″ high, weighs 4.56 pounds, has an accordion-fold mechanism, and holds 32 pounds of wet clothes.

The AmazonBasics Foldable Drying Rack is recommended because it is small enough to fit in the bathtub, lightweight enough to be portable at 4.56 pounds, and strong enough to hold 32 pounds of wet clothes.

The shelf space for drying items flat is small, so it is top rated for those who have more clothes that can be hung.

  • The AmazonBasics Drying Rack has a shelf to dry some items flat
  • It only weighs 4.56 pounds but will hold up to 32 pounds of wet clothes
  • It will fit in a bathtub. So if any clothes are dripping, there is no risk of damaging flooring
  • There were some durability issues

4. Household Essentials Wooden – Clothes Drying Rack For Baby Clothes and Sweaters

wooden folding clothes drying rack

The Household Essentials Tall Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack has  11 rods , up to 25 feet of space, and a small four-rod shelf on top for drying items flat. The bamboo frame is durable, water-resistant, and will not warp or splinter.

It measures 42.125″ high x 29″ wide x 14.125″ deep unfolded, 29-1/4″ x 20″ x 3-1/2″ folded, and weighs 3.5 pounds. This is not recommended because of mold and splinter issues.

It also has only a small area for drying items flat, so it is most suited for those with more items that can be hung.

In this video man explain how he save a lot of money on electrical bills using this wooden clothes drying rack:

  • It has 11 rods and 25′ of storage space.
  • The bamboo frame is durable, water-resistant and will not warp.
  • Some issues with durability and splinters snagging clothes.

5. Household Essentials Collapsible Tripod – Stand Clothes Drying Rack For Travel

laundry drying rack stand

The Household Essentials Tripod Clothes Drying Rack has a metal pole with plastic legs and arms. The three arms each have five holes for wire hangers and 6 indentations for other hangers.

 It will hold a maximum of 36 items . Tipping can be an issue with this drying rack. Set it up away from wind gusts or traffic and load it evenly.

It measures 26″ x 26″ x 65″ unfolded and weighs 2.2 pounds. Each arm can hold six pounds for a maximum weight of 22 pounds.

This is not recommended because of the tendency for this pole-style drying rack to tip. This can only handle items that can be hung on hangers, but since it is 65″ tall, it is good for long items.

In this video Brianna from urban clotheslines shows you the tripod air dryer by household essentials.

It arrives in two separate pieces, both the top and bottom pieces open in one quick motion
like an umbrella, and then lock into place.

To attach the top and bottom pieces first align the arrows and then turn the top piece and lock into place.

Designed for maximum stability this dryer features a three-legged tripod base as well as three arms at the top with holes for your hangers.

This dryer can hold up to 36 garments making it perfect for a couple or family and because of its tall length it’s perfect for hanging full-length dresses as well as specially ironed clothes.

  • It is a pole drying rack, so it only takes up 26″ of space.
  • It can tip, so set it up out of the way and load it evenly.

6. Badoogi – Heavy Duty Clothes Drying Rack

heavy duty clothes drying rack

The Badoogi Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Drying Rack System has  24 hanging rods, 72 sock clips, two side wings, double base bars for drying shoes, and six shelves  that are height-adjustable and coated with heavy-duty resin. For easy maneuverability and portability, it has eight rotating wheels.

It measures 24.8″ deep x 34.6″ wide x 57.9″ high unfolded, 35″ x 7″ folded and weighs 8.6 pounds. This is recommended because it gives the most drying capacity of all the drying racks and because it has wheels.

This is the most versatile drying rack. It is designed to handle drying everything.

  • The Badoogi Drying Rack System provides the most drying capacity of all the drying racks.
  • It is portable, so you can roll it anywhere.
  • It is made from stainless steel.
  • Durability was an issue for some

Best Clothes Drying Rack – Buyer’s Guide

Why Buy a Clothes Drying Rack?

  • Some people cannot have clotheslines. However, for those who could have a clothesline, clothes drying racks eliminate clotheslines strewn across the basement or yard.
  • Using a clothes drying rack to dry delicate items, such as items with elastic, prevents damage and shrinkage caused by the heat and tumbling in a dryer. This keeps your clothes looking better, and fitting better for a longer time. Overall, your delicate clothes will last longer if you dry them on a drying rack.
  • You can cut your electric bill by using a drying rack.
  • A clothes drying rack is more environmentally friendly than a clothes dryer.
  • In the summer, a clothes drying rack can reduce the heat added to your home by the dryer.

Weight Capacity and Stability

Some clothes drying racks may look like they can hold a load of clothes, but you need to look at the maximum weight capacity for each drying rack.

Then, you need to consider what clothes you will be hanging on it. Wet jeans weigh more than wet dress slack, so you will not be able to dry as many pairs of jeans.

You will also need to distribute the weight of the wet clothes evenly to avoid causing a drying rack to tip.


Clothes drying racks are made out of various woods, aluminum, aluminum with plastic, and stainless steel. Wood racks include bamboo and maple.

If you are considering a wood rack, make sure that it will not warp, splinter, mildew, or rot. If the wood is not treated to prevent these issues, it can be treated after you have purchased it, or you can look for a wood rack that is treated or a rack made from a different material.

Aluminum racks with plastic parts need to be examined carefully to be sure the plastic components are strong enough to hold wet clothes. All aluminum clothes drying racks are lightweight and durable. They can also be treated with finishes to prevent rust.

Stainless steel frames may be a little heavier than aluminum frames, but they are durable and rustproof. Check the manufacturer’s website to gather information on the durability of the materials.


A clothes drying rack needs to be large enough to handle all of the items that you want to dry and provide enough room for those clothes to spread out to dry. However, you need to determine if you have enough space for a particular clothes drying rack.

The size of different components is important also. A rack with lots of hanging space and a small shelf is not useful if you have a lot of sweaters that need to dry flat.

The height is important if you have a lot of longer items to hang. So do not just look at the overall hanging capacity, but carefully consider how much space each rack offers for particular items.


Clothes drying racks are available in accordion-style, pole-style, wall-mounted, and rolling rack systems. Some have fixed features. Others have adjustable features, such as shelves or wings that can hang down or be extended.

Accordion-style frames offer a balanced, deep frame with legs that slant outward providing greater stability if loaded properly. Being more vertically oriented, pole drying racks are likely to tip. Wall-mounted drying racks should be stable as long as they are fastened securely into studs.

Drying rack systems are usually designed with stable frames as long as they are loaded evenly. Just decide which style will best hold the items that you will want to dry.


Will clothes be dripping wet, and if so, on what? Most clothes come out of the washer spun dry enough that they do not drip.

However, if you hand wash items or wash something made of plastic, water can drip from those items. This can damage your flooring, the wood underneath, and the ceiling of a room underneath the area.

So if you have items that are going to drip, you need to be able to sit the clothes drying rack in the bathtub, on the cement basement or garage floor, or on something that will hold the water and not let the water accumulate and seep into the flooring.

So you need to carefully consider if a rack will fit in your bathtub or in the available space where can hang items that will drip.

Tips for Using a Clothes Drying Rack

  • The weight of a wet garment hung over a bar can cause permanent stretching with some items, such as knits. If the instructions for a garment say to dry it flat, then you should have a rack with a shelf, where you can lay items flat.
  • Some items will develop a crease where they are hung over a bar. You can dry these items flat, hang them on hangers, or toss them in the dryer long enough to remove the crease.
  • Some items will be stiffer if air-dried. These items can also be tossed in the dryer for a short time to make them less stiff.
  • Clothes can mildew or develop a sour or musty smell, if they take too long to dry. So be sure to turn them over to help them dry faster and more thoroughly on both sides. You can also partially dry them in the dryer and finish drying on the clothes drying rack.
  • Hang clothes so that thicker, heavier parts like waistbands have more access to air and are less crowded. With most drying racks, the rods are thin enough that you can use clothes pins to hold clothes, so you do not have to hang them double.
  • Another way to help clothes dry faster is to locate your clothes drying rack in a warm area.
  • Keep the clothes drying rack out of direct sunlight, especially through a window, to prevent garments from fading.
  • Make sure you load the weight on both sides of the clothes drying rack evenly so that you do not come back to find that it tipped from an uneven load.


To recap our buying guide tips.

  • Clothes drying racks eliminate the need for clotheslines, help clothes last longer, cut your electric bill, are eco-friendly, and do not create heat in your home in the summer.
  • Calculate the weight of your heaviest load of laundry, and make sure that it is less than the maximum weight capacity of the drying rack you select.
  • Aluminum and stainless steel drying racks are the strongest and most durable drying racks.
  • A clothes drying rack should be large enough to hold your largest load but small enough to fit in the available space. It should have enough room to handle all the items that need to be dried flat and be tall enough to handle your long items.
  • Pole clothes drying racks are the most likely to tip. For stability, choose an accordion, wall-mounted, or drying rack system.
  • If you wash items that may drip, consider where you have space to place the drying rack where the dripping will not cause damage.
  • Review the tips on using a clothes drying rack to make the rack work right for you.

Here is a quick comparison of the products we reviewed that we felt were the top rated.

The Badoogi Drying Rack System provides the most drying space with a mixture of hanging and flat space and more adjustable options for flexibility. It also has wheels for easier portability and maneuverability.

The AmazonBasics Foldable Drying Rack is made of aluminum and will fit in the bathtub if you have items that are dripping.

Even though it is not portable, the Aero-W Stainless Steel Folding Clothes Drying Rack is wall-mounted. This means that it does not take up floor space and is only extended when you want to use it.

Now that you have considered all the features and issues of clothes drying racks, choose the one that will work good for you.

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