Best Rug Pads – Buyer’s Guide

best rug padDoes your room look a little sparse and you are looking for a way to improve it?

Getting a fitting carpet will do the trick, but you need the best rug pad, designed to guard your floor and carpet against wear and tear.

High-quality rugs don’t come cheap, and preserving its original look is a challenging task.

Rugs act as insulation, keeping your house warm during winter and cool in summer. Good rug pads are a perfect fit for any interior, especially because they are invisible and easy to clean.

Best Rug Pad of 2018

NameSizeThicknessTypeCheck Price
Mohawk Rug Pad (Editor's Choice)9’x12’3/8 inchFelt Check Price
The Original Gorilla Grip (TM) Rug Pad (Editor's Choice)From 2’x3’ to 9’x12’1/4 inchFelt Check Price
MSM Duo-Lock Reversible and Rubber Non-Slip Rug PadFrom 2’x4’ to 8’x12’3/8 inchFelt Check Price
The Original GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip Area Rug PadFrom 2’x3’ to 12’x15’-- Check Price
Epica Super-Grip Non-Slip Area RugFrom 3’x5’ to 5’x8’-- Check Price

1. Rug Pad USA – Carpet Protection Rug Pad

You will love this pad by the way it changes the feeling of your carpet under your feet. It offers great protection against all kinds of damage, wear, and tear on your carpet or floor.

It allows your carpet to maintain its original color and beauty for a long time.

Rug Pad USA is hypoallergenic and, therefore, resistant to mold and mildew. That means you won’t get bothered with dangerous allergens.

The rug pad is soundproof and mutes your steps. It has superior thermal insulation, preventing cold floors from lowering your room’s temperature.

Rug Pad USA is ideal for every kind of floor including stone, laminate, hardwood and concrete. There are at least 17 different variations to choose from, and they come in square, rectangular and round shapes. You can quickly cut the rug pad to fit your carpet.

This is the kind of rug pad that will make your plush carpet feel extra plush since it is made of super soft felt. The natural material is durable and hard wearing. This pad doesn’t get dirty quickly because of its texture. This rug is designed with 100 percent recycled pads showing the manufacturer’s dedication to conserving the environment.

The rug is recommended if you are shopping for a rug to absorb noise and still offer protection to your carpet and floor. The pad is CEED certified for in-house use.

  • A very thick material, making it super soft and cushy
  • Easy to unfold when laying down
  • Perfectly fits under large rugs
  • Is reasonably priced
  • Big size, which can be trimmed to fit customized area
  • The rug pad slides easily and lacks sufficient cushioning
  • Firm, but without enough support

2. The Original Gorilla Grip – Non-Slip Rug Pad

The Original Gorilla Grip (TM) FELT + RUBBER Non-Slip Area Rug Pad Made In USA review
Here is the rug pad to consider if you have a furry pet at home. This is one of the rug pads designed with the highest form of gripping to ensure there are never slips. You won’t worry about slipping and falling as you wander around the house.

This product protects your floor from different kinds of damage and your carpet from premature wear and attritions.

Its hypoallergenic treatment makes it resistant to moths, mold and mildew and will always exceed your expectations.

The Rug Pad Gorilla Grip is ideal for hard surfaces and is the most preferred for hardwood floors. Take the note that the wood could easily warp or crack. It will protect your floor from any negative impact associated with moisture, and prevents dents caused by falling objects.

Here is an ultra-light but effective carpet padding made from compressed felt; felt is the leading material among the organic materials. The advantages of wool include heat insulation, durability, sound insulation, eco-friendliness and ease of maintenance.

The biggest plus for this rug mat is its dirt and dust impermeability. All you need to do is periodic vacuuming and brushing to maintain its cleanliness

The carpet is designed with powerful gripping properties that ensure that the rug stays intact on hard floors, thereby, preventing bunching and moving. It offers superior quality cushioning for enhanced carpet durability and floor protection. You can trim this rug to meet your needs.

  • Helps to reduce sound
  • Doesn’t slip or slide
  • Easy cleaning and vacuuming
  • Open grid construction that makes it breathable and protects the floor from damage
  • Easy to trim with scissors for customized shapes and sizes
  • Size can be too large for those who want smaller pads

3. MSM Duo-Lock – Reversible Rug Pad

Duo-Lock Reversible Felt and Rubber Non-Slip Rug Pad review
MSM Duo-Lock is designed with a needle punched felt surface beneath which is textured rubber to ensure the rub holds its position. With this rubber, the rug will not slip. You can use it on all carpets and all types of floors thanks to its unique design.

The rug pad is reversible to keep rugs flat on your carpet. The US made rug pad is 0.25 inches thick. It resists mold, mildew and moth.

This is a thick rug pad that remains in place and adds to the feel of your carpet. Its superior non-slip properties make it a good choice for many homeowners.

Besides, this thick rug pad also protects the floor from furniture dents. Most importantly, your carpet will continually delight your eyes with its original look and beauty.

There are different sizes, so you can choose one that addresses your needs. If your carpet isn’t as big as the smallest size, you don’t have to worry; you can always cut it and make the necessary adjustments. That makes it a warm, beautiful and comfortable rug pad. The pad is also thick and hard and stays perfectly in shape.

This carpet is recommended, seeing it made from natural materials suitable for all kinds of floors. It is designed with a significant spill and moisture repellant quality to protect your floor from everyday spills and accidents.

Its natural fibers are extremely reliable thanks to their thermal insulation properties. It is available in round, oval, rectangle and square shapes to fit any home; the manufacturer can customize it at no extra cost.

  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Made for use on all types of floors
  • Great price quality ratio
  • Feels heavy under the carpet

4. The Original Gorilla Grip – Custom Non-Slip Rug Pad

The Original GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip Area Rug Pad review
This is a US made rug pad designed with a powerful gripping technology to keep your carpet on the floor without frequent slips. Though offered with a great grip, the rug is non-adhesive, making it ideal for use on all types of floors.

It is a sturdy rug made with open grid construction, allowing it to breathe and keep your floor and carpet protected.

You will love the fact that this rug pad is vacuum friendly and reversible. You can use it on different settings, but not on unfinished or just made floors, on carpet, vinyl, acrylic, lacquered or porous surfaces.

You can trim the rug to meet your needs. This means you can create custom shapes and sizes by placing your run on top of the pad and cut off extra material.

You can use the extra material for other parts of your house; use them as shelf or drawer liners. You can use the small pieces for opening jars.

The Original Gorilla Grip 5’x7’ Non-Slip Area Rug Pad is a versatile pad that can be used on different floors and rugs.

Here is a highly durable rug pad that can save you faithfully for more than ten years. Its open weave design enables easier vacuuming. Its aesthetic beauty is from its brown color.

The Original Gorilla 5’x7’ is a great and affordable rug pad that is ideal for anyone looking for carpet pad that won’t budge, and fits well for people with safety concerns.

  • Has been designed to remain in place at all times
  • Large size for variety fit and can be quickly cut to fit different dimensions
  • Reasonably priced
  • Non-sticky and non-adhesive
  • Can take the pressure of kids and pets without budging
  • Can be used with all types of rugs
  • Takes more time to line up correctly under the carpet

5. Epica Super Grip – Noise Reduction Rug Pad

Epica Super-Grip Non-Slip Area Rug Pad review
This is a unique rug pad, seeing that it is made with one-square physics, ensuring that it reacts to sudden pressure movements, delivering up to two times suction.

This is different from the conventional open weave technology seen on most rug pads. To this end, the pads remain in place all day long without need for adjustment.

The pad was designed to offer safety to family members by reducing slippage that may occur when a rug is placed on any floor surface. With the use of Epica Rug Pads, your carpets will feel twice as thick and, therefore, cushy and easy on your feet.

Thanks to the sleek and sturdy build of this rug pad, you will find it easy to vacuum, and it is reversible. The units are ready to use out-of-the box.

Like many other rug pads, it is offered to fit many carpet sizes. You can shape and size the rug pad just the way you want by cutting it into distinct shapes, patterns and sizes. This can easily be done by placing the carpet on top of the pad and trimming as required. To guarantee you of the non-slip nature of this carpet, you are offered limited lifetime non-slip warranty.

This rug pad is recommended. It is a great rug pad for protecting the floor and carpeting as well as preventing slip and fall accidents. It is affordable for anyone working on a budget.

  • High-quality rug pad without strange smell from chemicals
  • Easy to roll back without difficulty
  • Easy to install with unique easy to follow instructions
  • Once established, it remains in place no matter what pressure you subject it to
  • Moderately priced
  • Ideal for laminate floors
  • Adhesion wears out after a few months
  • A little thin for most users

Best Rug Pad – Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever tried finding the perfect rug to accent your selected room only for the carpet to start brunching as soon as you start using it? What about the carpeting pad that starts sliding and slipping and soon becomes a fall hazard?

There is no need to worry; rug pads have been designed to keep your carpet firm in place and smooth. It also adds a feeling of comfort under your feet. This guide will enable you to make an ideal choice.

Why do you need rug pads?

Rug pads can feel bulky especially when you are using them for the first time. It all depends on how you install them and how the rug grips the floor. When a rug pad is installed correctly, it has more than one function.

  • Safety: Rug pads provide firmness that prevents your carpet from shifting when you walk. Rugs have a surface that attaches to the floor and the carpet. That plays an important role when placed on slick surfaces like hardwood or tiles. You want to use a double-sided carpet tape with the rug, for enhanced safety.
  • Cleanliness: Rugs have bumps and ridges that trap dirt and dust particles. The bumps and ridges also let the air flow between the floor and the rug that helps greatly during vacuuming. Rug pads prevent wet spills from getting to your floor or carpet and damage it.
  • Increase the life of your carpet: Pads will increase your carpet and hardwood floor’s lifespan by preventing rubbing and shifting at the bottom. Increased friction leads to the premature ageing of your carpet. Placing a rug underneath reduces the damage and makes the carpet last longer.
  • Increase the life of your floor: The, buildup of dirt, dust and grime underneath your carpet quickly ruins your floor. They cause small abrasions that scratch hardwood floors and wear down carpets. Rugs protect carpets from staining whenever there is a spill.
  • Comfort: Rugs pads provide a well-cushioned walking surface and offer noise absorption. They prevent rugs from bunching up and detracting their appearance.

What Features Define a Good Rug?

Before you choose a carpet pad, you want to define the type of floor they are designed for. There are different rug pads for stone, concrete, hardwood and tiled floors. They should have a non-skid reverse side to offer the top grip.

Good paddings protect floors from wear and tear and keep you safe from falling. There are pads for every kind of level that are intended to preserve the floor’s beauty. You want to make sure also that you choose the correct size. Rug pad will be slightly smaller than your carpet so that it doesn’t peep out. There is a simple formula for choosing a rug pad.

Make sure it is just under 2 inches smaller than the carpet on all sides.

Types of rug pad

  • PVC: The most affordable rug pads are manufactured with PVC. They haven’t been reviewed for toxic content and VOC emissions. These are budget pads and can react with a polyurethane finish that can potentially discolor the floor permanently.
  • Synthetic Latex: These rug pads perform well, but in the short-term. The clay fillers are blended with latex to lessen manufacturing costs. Take note that the clay may leave behind some rubber flakes.
  • Natural Rubber: The 100 percent rubber rug pads are medium range products that are made using rubber tree sap that makes them environmentally friendly. That is a safer alternative to PVC for indoor air quality. They offer a non-stick grip to flooring.
  • Felt pads: Felt rug pads are an excellent option for cushioning your rug. The pad is ideal for large rugs since they can anchor because it doesn’t have a rubber grip. The material provides the highest density and greatest comfort underfoot. They are made from recycled material and are, therefore, eco-friendly.
  • Felt/ Rubber Hybrid Pad: This is a premium rug pad that offers a lot of features. It gives you the cushioned protection as well as high-quality gripping properties. That is the premium rug pad. You are getting the benefit of the cushioned protection of the felt with the gripping attributes of the rubber.

Importance of choosing the right rug pad

Do you remember the famous saying ‘out of sight, out of mind?’ That is the reasons some people overlook the choice of a carpet pad. The right rug pad can make or break your flooring. It plays a significant role in its appearance and performance.

The primary purpose of the rug pad is to guard your carpet. It protects the underside of the carpet from rubbing against the floor. It also absorbs the impact from furniture, footsteps and reduces the stress on the rug. Carpets without cushioning wear our faster.

A good rug pad will serve additional purposes including:

  • It creates a softer feel when you are walking.
  • Pads enable you to clean the carpet easier. With padding, the vacuum cleaner raises the carpet and sucks up more dirt, thereby, reducing allergic reactions.
  • Pads offer thermal insulation by stopping drafts from seeping through the porous carpeting. Padding has a higher R-value, and that enables it to keep the room warmer.

Choosing the wrong rug pad will sometimes void the warranty of your carpet. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s recommendation before buying padding. Think twice also before accepting free carpet rugs. Some retailers love to push the rug pads that aren’t moving.

Before you choose a rug pad, remember where you are going to use it. Consider the kind of activities or traffic the room experiences, and pick a pad that will take the beating. For instance, if you have children, you want a thicker rug pad for increased comfort when they are playing.

When all is said and done, when choosing a rug pad, choose one that addresses your needs. Don’t get swayed by a salesperson whose greatest interest is making a sale more than anything else.

What to look for when buying a rug pad

There are different types of rug pads, but they don’t all fit every application. When choosing a rug pad, you need to buy something that is specially designed for your kind of floor. For instance, a pad that aims to be used under area rugs doesn’t have similar features with one designed for a wall to wall carpet.

Follow the Rug Pad Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Before choosing a rug pad, take the time to check with the floor’s manufacturers recommendations. Some materials used in particular rug pads are not recommended for some types of floors and could easily damage your floor.

For instance, rug pads made of PVC can quickly discolor vinyl floors and certain kinds of hardwood. Always check the floor’s warranties to check what materials are prohibited. Don’t use a rug whose materials are not recommended by the manufacturer.

Choose the right thickness

On matters of thickness, make sure the rug pad matches your carpet’s density. The particular thickness should vary between an eighth to three eights of an inch.

Choosing the right thickness means the rug pad you want will not be too thin or too thick to perform optimally. A good rug pad adds a good the required amount of thickness without creating an obstacle.

Different areas of the house can pose a challenge when choosing the thickness of a rug pad. Such areas include hallways that have doors opening over the padding. Thicker mats will prevent the door opening and closing so that a thinner rug will do.

Desired comfort

The choice of a rug pad should consider the use you want and comfort levels. Your rug doesn’t have to be too high on the floor. Choose a padded rug that is thick enough to create a difference, but not too high to cause any problem. Ensure that the rug pad is water and moisture resistant for more comfort.


Choosing the rug pad is a fundamental decision. Your choice of style, color, shape or size can make or break your home. The rug pad may be less glamorous, but it still needs attention.

The rug pad comes as an afterthought for most people, but it’s an excellent accompaniment to your carpet and floor. It ensures you don’t slip while protecting your floor and rug from damage. Not all rug pads are equal. Take careful thought of the size, thickness and material.

A high-quality rug pad doesn’t just add color, texture and pattern to your space. It helps to ground your furniture and define the space visually. It protects the floor, absorbs noise and offers plush underfoot padding. Seeing that pads protect your floor and your carpet, they are made of high quality material that lasts long enough to give you value for money.

Do you want to get it right next time you are buying a rug pad? Use this rug pad buying guide as your starting point.

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