Best Chair Socks – Chair Leg Floor Protectors Buyer’s Guide

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Best chair socks or Chair Leg Protectors for hardwood floors prevent  noise and damage  from dining chairs, snack bar stools, and other pieces of frequently moved furniture being pulled in and out.

Best Chair Socks of 2018 Reviews

NameChair Socks MaterialSpecialtiesSize and furniture legs typeFlooring materialsCheck Price
Cuccu (Editor's Choice)polyester yarnNoise reduction and multipurpose use1-3 inches
tables, chair, cabinets, desks
Hardwood floors Check Price
MelonBoat (Editor's Choice)polyester yarnFor large furniture legs2-7 inches
tables, chair, cabinets, desks
hardwood, wood, vinyl, tile floor Check Price
BCPknitted woolfor Furniture with Slender Legs1-2 inches
Hardwood floors Check Price
NUOLUXSilicone Round Legs (Transparent)Anti-slip and prevent scratchesSuitable for round legs: 25-29mmHardwood floors Check Price
Modern Living SpaceSilicone Square Caps with Felt-Paddedfor Outdoor FurnitureCompatible with furniture feet 1-1/8 to 1-3/8 inches wideHardwood floors Check Price

1. Cuccu Furniture Sliders – Chair Leg Protectors for Wooden Floors

Cuccu-20-pcs-Chair-Leg-Socks-Furniture-Sliders review
Cuccu’s Furniture Leg Socks are knitted in the round and folded over to form an inner and outer layer with a seam at the bottom.
The seam and the double layer provides added thickness between the base of your furniture’s leg and your floor,  increasing protection for your floors and further reducing noise Having the seam across the bottom of the furniture leg also means that the seam never shows.

The lower section of each layer is wider and then gathers into a cuff. The cuff of the outer layer features a check pattern in which stitches of ginger, the main color, alternate with coffee, the accent color.

Above the check pattern, the cuff of the outer layer continues with a ribbed band of ginger followed by a ribbed band of coffee. The cuff of the inner layer consists of a ribbed band of ginger with a narrower ribbed band of coffee at the top.

The wider bottom section enables Cuccu’s Furniture Leg Socks to accommodate furniture with feet that are slightly wider than the leg, but the narrower cuff is part of the reason that purchaser’s find these socks  stay up so well and aren’t pulled off when used on furniture that is frequently moved , such as dining chairs leg floor protector and snack bar stools. The other reason these furniture leg socks stay up is the non-slip white rubber dots applied to the ribbed cuff of the inner layer.

The white dots also give you another look you can create with these leg socks. Instead of a longer sock that displays the ginger and coffee check, you can fold the cuff down so that the inner ribbed cuff with the white dots is on view.

If you should find that the socks don’t stay up well on a very slender furniture leg, creating extra layers by folding the cuff down should remedy the situation.

The wider bottom section and the stretch of the ribbed cuff allow these Cuccu Furniture Leg Socks to fit furniture legs of various shapes and sizes from about 1″ to 2 1/2″ according to purchasers. However, while some users reported that these leg socks would fit furniture legs up to 4″, others were not able to fit them over legs of that size.

Still, this ability to adjust to fit various types of legs means that these socks can be used on many different types of furniture, not only stools and dining chairs but also dining tables and dinette sets, chairs for the living room, desk chairs and desks, coffee and end tables, accent tables, snack trays, kitchen chair socks, and dressers and vanity tables.

One purchaser reported that the Cuccu’s Furniture Socks showed little wear after two months of use on dining chairs that were pulled out and pushed in multiple times on a daily basis.

Another suggested that there would probably be more wear if the socks were used on furniture with metal legs or if they were used on chairs occupied by heavier people who would be scooting the chairs back while sitting in them, but inserting a felt floor protector inside the furniture sock should resolve that issue.

Purchasers appreciate the fact that the socks slip on and off easily, that dust and debris can be brushed or shaken off, and that the socks can be laundered. Because these socks are so easy to clean, it’s less likely that they will be left to trap the dust or debris that could scratch your floor.

Purchasers also appreciate that the socks fit in well with their decor. In fact, the most frequent comment made about them is that they are “so cute.” Nevertheless, the design is not a feminine or girly one. It’s a neutral design that men and boys can use comfortably.

The two most important things that users appreciate about these furniture leg socks, though, is the reduction in noise and scratches. One upper story apartment dweller commented that the neighbors below her noticed and thankfully commented on the reduction in the noise from dining chairs being moved.

One issue that purchasers raised is that there are only 20 socks in the package. While that is enough for a desk and desk chair or a pair of end tables and a coffee table, it’s not enough for a dining table set with six chairs.

  • Fit furniture legs measuring from 1″ to 2 1/2″, and can accommodate legs with large feet
  • Can be used on all types of furniture
  • Thick enough to eliminate noise while also reducing scratches and scuffs
  • Make it easier to slide chairs across the floor
  • Easy to slip on and off of furniture legs for cleaning
  • Easy to clean. Simply remove, brush or shake off dirt, launder as needed, and replace
  • Durable, knitted in the round and folded over for double thickness. Showed little wear after two months of use on heavily used dining chairs
  • Do not slide off and leave sticky adhesive on the floor like self-adhesive felt pads do
  • May or may not fit large furniture legs measuring 4″ or more
  • Some do not like the look of socks on furniture
  • May slip down slightly and need to be pulled up occasionally

2. MelonBoat Furniture Feet Caps Covers – Crochet Chair Socks

MelonBoat Chair Leg Sock review
MelonBoat Chair Leg Socks are also knitted in the round and folded over to form two layers with a seam at the bottom. They are made of polyester yarn and have a subtle overall diamond pattern. It is a neutral design that ‘s appropriate for both men and women.

The top of the sock can be turned down to create a cuff. Some purchasers comment on how cute they are while others have reservations about the look, but most users report that their guests didn’t even notice them unless it was because a chair pulled out from the table so quietly.

They come in three colors brown, light brown, and black chair socks which allows most users to find a color that blends with their furniture and decor. One user would have liked a color that blended better with a  metal chair , however.

Rubber strips inside the MelonBoat Chair Socks allow them to form a snug fit around furniture legs of any shape measuring from 2 3/4″ to 7″. The width of the leg determines the height the sock reaches on the furniture leg. The wider the leg is, the shorter the height of the sock.

The rubber strips not only enable these chair socks to fit over furniture legs of most shapes and sizes but also keeps them from sliding down. Nevertheless, some users did find it necessary to pull them up at times, the socks tore when they were pulled up.

Purchasers were happy with the way the socks protected their floors from scratches and marks. They also commented that, while the MelonBoat socks did not completely silence the sounds of moving furniture, they did reduce the noise.

Purchasers who had tried both stated that they much preferred chair leg socks to the felt floor protectors because the  felt pads did not remain stuck  to the chair legs for long. Some users remarked that the adhesive that remained on the chair leg after the pad came off left marks on their floors.

Two purchasers reported that the MelonBoat Chair Leg Socks did not attract as much pet hair as they had thought they would, but these two and others commented that the socks can be easily removed for washing and air drying if they do attract dirt, pet hair, or debris.

The MelonBoat chair socks come in packages of 16 or 32 which encouraged users to put them on even more pieces of furniture. Several users were repeat purchasers, and several others planned on purchasing more of the socks in the future. Two purchasers, one who had been using the socks for chair legs three months and one for nine months reported little wear.

  • Snugly fit straight or shaped furniture legs measuring 2 3/4″ to 7″
  • Come in packages of 16 or 32
  • Knitted with subtle diamond pattern of brown, light brown, or black yarn to fit unobtrusively into home decors
  • Can be used on all types of furniture
  • Reduce noise while also reducing scratches and scuffs
  • Make it easier to slide chairs across the floor
  • Easy to slip on and off of furniture legs for cleaning
  • Easy to clean. Simply remove, brush or shake off dirt, launder and air dry as needed, and replace
  • Durable, knitted in the round and folded over for double thickness. Showed little wear after nine months of use
  • Do not slide off and leave sticky adhesive on the floor like self-adhesive felt pads do
  • Some do not like the look of socks on furniture
  • May slip down slightly and need to be pulled up occasionally
  • May tear and develop holes when pulled up

3. BCP Knitting Wool – Wooly Chair Socks for Square Legs

BCP 24pcs Knitting Wool Furniture Socks review
The BCP Knitting Wool Chair Socks are, like the others, knitted in the round and folded over to form two layers with a seam at the bottom.

The BCP Wool Furniture Socks are ribbed from top to bottom which allows them to stretch to fit furniture legs measuring from 1 1/2″ to 2 1/4″. The BCP socks come in a package of 24 in black and a package of 16 in either black or coffee.

While a number of users report that the BCP Furniture Socks frequently slide off of their chair legs, others say that they do not have that problem. Some users attribute the problem to either a narrow chair leg or one made of a particularly slick material.

For example, one user reported that, while the BCP socks slid off chairs with leather legs, they did not slide off of chairs with wooden legs.

Purchasers appreciate the reduction in noise, scratches, and marks on the floor and much prefer the furniture socks to the self-stick pads. Some users reported that the socks attract little lint, dust, or debris, but noted that they can simply be thrown in the wash for cleaning.

One user who was concerned about wear uses small pieces of carpeting with the socks, but other users report that the wool yarn is durable. Several users report that they liked these socks so well that they have purchased a second set.

Some users were unsure about the look, but others reported that visitors didn’t even notice the socks. Many users declared that furniture socks were a great idea and recommended them for anyone with wood floors. Some even use the BCP woolly outdoor chair socks to protect deck surfaces or to reduce the noise of furniture being moved on concrete.

  • Fit chair legs measuring 1 1/2″ to 2 1/4″
  • Knitted in rib stitch with black or brown yarn to fit unobtrusively into home decors
  • Come in packages of 24 black socks, 16 black socks, or 16 brown chair leg socks
  • Eliminate noise while also reducing scratches and scuffs
  • Make it easier to slide chairs across the floor
  • Easy to slip on and off of furniture legs for cleaning
  • Easy to clean. Simply remove, brush or shake off dirt, launder as needed, and replace
  • Durable, knitted in the round and folded over for double thickness
  • Do not slide off and leave sticky adhesive on the floor like self-adhesive felt pads do
  • Do slide off of thinner chair legs and those made of slippery materials such as leather

4. Nuolux Caps – Kitchen Chair Leg Floor Protectors

NUOLUX Chair Leg Caps Feet Pad review in use
The NUOLUX Chair Leg Caps consist of a transparent silicone cap attached to a pad of non-woven fabric. For chairs with round legs, the cap is globe- or ball-shaped with short slits to help slide the cap over furniture legs of different diameters.
Purchasers report that the ball-shaped caps work with furniture with square legs if the legs are the right size. These caps fit legs measuring 25 mm (0.98″) to 29 mm (1.14″). Purchasers strongly recommend taking careful measurements because caps that are too large fall off chair legs if the chair is picked up, and caps that are too small will not go on. If the caps are a tight fit, one user recommended using soap as a lubricant, and another suggested placing the caps in warm water to soften them.

Several purchasers commented that, because the caps are clear, they are barely noticeable and blend in well with the chair leg and their decor. However, a few others were less certain that they liked the look.

The overwhelming majority of users much preferred the NUOLUX caps to the self-sticking felt pads, though. They also appreciated that the caps eliminated scratches, noise, and marks on floors, and that they made chairs slide more easily over hard flooring surfaces.

Purchasers also appreciated that the NUOLUX caps don’t collect lint, dust, or debris. One purchaser placed them on a metal outdoor table and chair set that was causing stains on the patio, and other users put them on snack trays.

While the package is supposed to contain 32 caps, some purchasers reported that they did not receive the full count. Most were short by only a few, but one purchaser was missing 12 caps.

Some purchasers felt that the non-woven materials in the base might be too thin, but a pre-school teacher stated that she had a set that had been purchased over a year previously that was still in use. Other teachers also purchased these caps to reduce noise and wear on the classroom floor. Several users stated that they already had purchased a set of NUOLUX Chair Leg Caps, and they were ordering more.

  • Fits furniture with slender legs measuring around 1″
  • Comes in a package of 32
  • Eliminates scratches and scuff marks and reduces noise
  • Can be used on outdoor furniture
  • Durable, a set used in a classroom was still in use more than a year later
  • Do not slide off and leave sticky adhesive on the floor like self-adhesive felt pads do
  • Transparent silicone cap is unobtrusive in home decor
  • Caps fall off if chair leg is too slender and may not go on standard size chair legs
  • Packages may not contain the full number of caps

5. Flexible Silicone Floor Protectors – Outdoor Silicone Chair Leg Caps

Modern Living Space square caps review
These Flexible Silicone Chair Leg Floor Protectors from Modern Living Space are translucent cubes of flexible silicone that is fused by thermal compression to a brown felt pad for a more durable attachment than glue would provide.

They come in packages of 16, and they are non-toxic which makes them safe for children and pets. The cubes are designed to fit chair legs measuring 1 1/8″ to 1 3/8″. However, the slots in the sides allow the cubes to stretch to fit 1 1/2″ legs.
The slots also make it easy to slide the cube onto the chair leg, and at the top, the sides of the cube curve slightly inward to keep the cap on the leg. However, users reported that the cubes did fall off of chairs with legs measuring 1″.

Purchasers report that the Modern Living Space Chair Caps fit on round chair legs as well as square ones.

Users appreciate that the cubes end scratches on wood, tile, and stone floors, and that they also eliminate the noise of sliding chairs. While some purchasers weren’t entirely happy with the look of the cube, others felt that they were barely noticeable.

All but one who expressed concern about the look kept the cubes because they agreed with the majority of the other purchasers that the cubes protected floors well and made it easier to move furniture.

Some purchasers noted that the felt pads were thin and wondered about durability, but users much preferred these flexible cube caps to the self-sticking felt pads . They liked that the cubes did not collect lint, pet hair, and debris. Many had tried plastic caps and reported that stone floors caused them to break.

One who had tried a nail-on protector reported that, eventually, the nail had scratched the floor. Another reported that the fabric socks they tried had faded and developed holes. Several users stated that they had purchased an additional set, and others planned to do so. Some purchased them for outdoor furniture.

  • Non-toxic for children and pets
  • Cap fused by thermal compression to felt pad base for durability
  • Transparent silicone cap is unobtrusive in home decor
  • Eliminates scratches and scuff marks and reduces noise
  • Can be used on outdoor furniture
  • Do not slide off and leave sticky adhesive on the floor like self-adhesive felt pads do
  • Some purchasers did not like the look
  • Caps fall off if chair leg is too slender

Best Chair Socks – Buyer’s Guide

When deciding between knitted furniture socks and silicone caps, you should consider your home decor: the size and shape of the legs on your furniture, what material is used for the legs of your furniture, and your flooring material.

Your Decor

Some purchasers were not happy with the look of either the socks or the caps. While many found the pattern knitted into the Cuccu’s socks to be cute, it is an attention-grabbing look. If you’re one of those who is uncertain about the look, the key to harmonizing the socks or caps to your decor is to choose the most unobtrusive style. For example, purchasers reported that guests failed to notice either the solid color socks or the flexible cube caps.

While the cube caps from Modern Living Space would be completely at home in a modern or contemporary setting, the socks would blend with the woods used in traditional styles and would also accommodate design features such as curved legs with feet.

The Cuccu’s socks would be a clever accent for a casual or country look though, while the globe shape of the NUOLUX Chair Caps could be intriguing with a sleek, minimalist modern or contemporary style.

The Legs of Your Furniture

The MelonBoat Chair Socks fit furniture legs that measure up to 7″, so, if your furniture has large legs, these chair socks are your choice. If your furniture has slender legs measuring around 1″, the NUOLUX Chair Caps offer the best fit.

However, if you aren’t sure that you like the globe shape, you have options. Any of the socks can be folded down to form a cuff that could hide a rubber band. You could also use double-sided tape inside the Modern Living Space cube caps. You could glue these caps on as well, but then, if the cap became worn or damaged, you would have trouble removing it.

While the socks might tend to slip down on a smooth metal or leather chair leg, you can also remedy that with a rubber band. While the bottom of a metal leg might cause a knitted sock to wear more quickly, you can prevent that by attaching a felt pad or a small piece of carpeting between the chair leg and the sock, as a couple of users suggested.

Your Flooring Materials

While either socks or caps will work equally well on hardwood floors or ceramic tile, the rougher textures of stone, brick, or concrete might cause knitted socks to wear more quickly. If you prefer the look of the socks, though, you can follow the lead of other users and purchase extra pairs.

If you’re considering floor protectors for outdoor furniture in a space that’s not sheltered from the elements, consider that if you aren’t home to remove wet socks, they could damage your furniture. The silicone caps will also withstand the elements better than yarn would.


Whichever look you choose, cute, knitted socks or translucent silicone caps, you can look forward to quieter mealtimes and unscratched, scuff-free floors.

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